Treasury & Fund Management

Treasury is a highly skilled and organized Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of Pak Libya. It has well trained team never compromising to capture every possible available opportunity in the market. Nevertheless, Prudential Regulations and Pak Libya's Own Policies are the boundaries that Pak Libya's Treasury always respects.

Notwithstanding managing the liquidity risk and supervising the cash flows efficiently, Treasury coordinates very closely with other SBUs of the company to support their activities. At the same time Treasury maintains close relationships with Public and Private Sector Corporate and Financial Institutions to raise funds, develop distribution networks as well as structures and place short term instruments. Proactive approach of Treasury in carrying out its plans, either investment or divestment remains a key factor in contributing to the bottom line of the company.

Treasury's multifaceted role may be concluded as follow:
  • Active trading in Repo / Reverse Repo, Borrowing and Lending against Certificate of Investment (CoIs), Borrowing and Lending against Letter of Placements (LoPs).
  • Active trading and investment in Government Securities and other Public and Private sector debt securities.
  • Investment in the fixed income and money market mutual funds.
  • Actively involved in establishing relationships, acquisition of corporate clients and ensuring the orderly, quick and efficient handling of all corporate requests.
  • Analyzing economic trends and its impact on financial markets in conjunction with Central Bank's Regulations & Policies, bank's internal policies as part of SWOT analysis to identify "Opportunities and Threats (Risks) and their potential impact on bank's share holder's value considering the bank's "Strengths and Weaknesses".

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