Overview of Corporate, Commercial & SME

Corporate Commercial & SME Department (CC & SME) is the lending arm of PLHC with a primary focus on building bi-lateral relationships with Corporate, Commercial, SME and retail customers.
The core objective is to play an active role in industrial and agricultural growth of the Country by participating as financier / investor to credit worthy clients, and also to develop a sustainable portfolio yielding good returns.
The Department’s basic function is to:
  • Develop & manage relationships with corporate, commercial and SME clients;
  • Developing a low risk high return consumer clientele in housing and auto loans
  • Building a secure portfolio of assets diversified across sectors, geographical locations and business segments of the economy;
  • Offering various conventional and innovative products, services and solutions to Pak Libya’s client base.

Products & Services:
  • Short Term Finance Facility
  • Medium Term / Long Term Finance Facilities
  • Project Finance
  • Bridge Finance
  • Lease Finance
  • Issuance of Guarantees
  • Long Term Finance Facility under SBP’s Schemes
  • Risk Participation/ Letter of Comfort for LC Facility
  • Home Finance
  • Auto Loan
  • Bills/Invoice Discounting /Factoring
  • Business loan against mortgage of property

Corporate & Commercial Banking
The Corporate & Commercial Banking function caters to financial needs of large to medium sized corporate entities including listed / unlisted public and private limited companies, on bi-lateral basis. Products and services offered to such clients are for long, medium and short term depending on their business requirements, history, market reputation, management strength, risk profile, future outlook, etc.

SME Banking
SME sector being a significant contributor to the economic development of any country has great potential in Pakistan as well. However, due to lack of awareness, expertise and human resource training and development, financial constraints and technological backwardness, the sector has not yet produced the desired results. Hence, Pak Libya has a SME Banking function to cater to the needs of SME clients in line with our corporate goals to facilitate the growth of the SME sector which will ultimately lead to the economic development of the country.

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