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Eligibility Criteria
For Small Enterprise
No. of Employees : up to 50 (including contract employees)
Annual Sales Turnover: up to PKR 150 million

For Medium Enterprise
No. of Employees:
  • From 51 - 250 (including contract employees) for Manufacturing & Services sector
  • From 51 - 100 (including contract employees) for Trading Enterprise

Annual Sales Turnover: PKR 150 million up to PKR 800 million.

Eligible Entities
  • Sole proprietorship business
  • Partnership firms
  • Private limited companies
  • Public limited companies

Rules & Regulations
The above business entities should qualify as SMEs as per Prudential Regulations to avail finance facilities.

Pricing Criteria
(fixed or floating and frequency of pricing revision)
Pricing will be linked to KIBOR (fixed or variable) with a pre-determined spread depending upon the nature of the facility.
Installments will be variable based on size of finance facility, pricing, tenure and repayment terms and conditions.

Installment Calculator
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Required Documents
  • Two photographs and a copy of CNIC of the borrower/ (s).
  • Borrower Basic Fact sheet.
  • Copy of ownership document / rent agreement of the current business premises.
  • Copies of last bills paid for Electricity, Gas, & Telephone (any two)
  • Copy of last six months bank statement for all bank accounts disclosed in the Application Form
  • Bank certificate stating applicant maintaining business account.
  • Copy of NTN certificate.
  • Copy of Income & Wealth Tax returns.
  • Copy of Partnership Deed, if applicable.
  • Details regarding other income (certified income statement from professional firm)
  • Certificate of Incorporation & Commencement of Business if applicable.
  • Copies of title documents of property if lien on property is created.
  • Form “A” and Form “29” if applicable.
  • Any other document which may be deemed necessary.

Mode of repayment and repayment frequency
Flexible mode of repayments and frequency as per borrower requirements.

In case of delay in repayments and/ or default of the facility amount, late payment penalties, fee and other charges would be borne by the borrower as per the terms of agreement / schedule of charges.

How to apply
Potentials borrowers can apply at the Head Office of Pak Libya Holding Company (Pvt.) Limited located at Main Sharah e Faisal, Finance & Trade Centre, 5th Floor Tower C, Karachi or call us at 021-111-111-115, in between 9.00 am to 5.30 pm (MON-FRI). Application Form can be downloaded from the link mentioned below:
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the amount of loan I can avail?
The amount of loan will be determined by Pak Libya based on need assessments and repayment capacity of the borrower (within allowed parameters of Prudential Regulations for SMEs)

2. What are the basic requirements for loan application?
Basic requirements include credit worthiness of borrower, sustainable cash flows and suitable collateral. Additional requirements may vary depending upon nature of the loan.

3. What will be the processing time for the loan application?
The minimum processing time would be less than one month (subject to completion of documentation as per the agreed terms and conditions)

4. Can I get a loan without a bank account?
You need to show a bank statement for the past 6 months, alongwith account maintenance certificate.

5. Is there a pre-payment option for loan?
Yes, you can prepay the facility at any time with a pre-payment fee as per the terms of the agreement.

6. What happens if I cannot pay an instalment on time?
You will be charged late payment charges as per terms and conditions.

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