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Overview of House Financing:
A home is not only an investment of a lifetime but rather a commitment towards your families. Home Finance with Pak Libya Holding  Company Pvt Ltd helps you to build a valuable asset with a better financing rate and more convenient tenures, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your home even more.
Pak Libya Holding Company Pvt Ltd Home Finance solutions and services provide you a comfort that your experience with us will be a pleasant and memorable one.
Choose any option / product from our complete and comprehensive basket of Home Finance solutions that come with attractive features, no hidden charges, quick processing and exclusive benefits.
  Housing Finance Products:
    Purchase of Flat/ House  
    Purchase of plot and construction thereon  
    Home improvement  
    Balance transfer from other banks
    Salaried Person
  Minimum Required Documents
  • Two photographs and a copy of CNIC of the borrower/ (s).
  • Application Form.
  • Borrower Basic Fact sheet.
  • Salary slip (For salaried person)
  • Salary certificate from the employer. (For salaried person)
  • Copies of last bills paid for Electricity, Gas, & Telephone (any two)
  • Copy of last six months bank statement for all bank accounts disclosed in the Application Form.
  • Copy of NTN certificate (If applicable)
  • Copy of Partnership Deed, if applicable.
  • Copies of title documents of property including sale agreement.
  • Any other document which may be deemed necessary.
In case of delay in repayments and/ or default of the facility amount, late payment penalties, fee and other charges would be borne by the borrower as per the terms of agreement / schedule of charges.
  How to apply


We are accessible on any of the following details:

·Pak Libya Holding Company (Pvt.)Limited

       5th Floor, Block 'C' Finance & Trade Centre, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan
  • UAN+92 21 111-111-115, in between 9:00AM To 5:30 PM (Monday to Friday)
  • FAX+92 21 35630665
  • Email : info@paklibya.com.pk
  Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the amount of loan I can avail?
The amount of loan will be determined by Pak Libya based on need assessments and repayment capacity of the borrower (within allowed parameters of Prudential Regulations for Housing Finance)
  1. What are the basic requirements for loan application?
Basic requirements include credit worthiness of borrower, sustainable cash flows ensuring required repaying capacity and Property status with clean title. Additional requirements may vary depending upon nature of the loan.
  1. What will be the processing time for the loan application?
The processing time would be subject to completion of documentation as per the agreed terms and conditions.
  1. Can I get a loan without a bank account?
You need to show a bank statement for the past 6 months of any domestic schedule bank.
  1. Is there a pre-payment option for loan?
Yes, you can prepay the facility at any time with a pre-payment fee as per the terms of the agreement.
  1. What happens if I cannot pay an installment on time?
You will be charged late payment charges as per terms and conditions. In case of continuous default the mortgage property will be put on auction to recover the outstanding.
  1. What is the Mark up rate for Mortgage Home Finance    scheme?
 Tentatively within the range of KIBOR + 2% to 7 depending upon individual / company profile and other factor.

8. What will be the loan tenor? 
House Loan is available for a maximum period of 20 Years
9. What is the Loan to Value ratio? Or how much financing can I get against my property?
The permissible Loan-to-Value ratio is as follows:
Maximum 85:15 (Case to case)
10. Who is eligible to apply?
A salaried person / businessman with clean credit history upto the age of Min 22 – Maximum 58 years (Maturity up to 65 years of age).
11. Who will assess the value of property?
Qualified and experienced property valuation firms which are on approved panel of PBA. For the loan > 10 million two valuation will be required. Cost will be borne by the applicant.
12. Will my spouse’s income also be considered? 
Yes, you can also club your spouse’s income to qualify for higher amount of loan. In this case, your spouse will be treated as a co-borrower with full responsibility.
13. I live in Karachi and want to Purchase/ Renovate/Construct a house in other areas of Pakistan. Can I avail your financing facility? 
Will depend upon our due diligence with respect to the profile of the customer and property’s legal status.
14. Is there any processing charges and what happened if loan is declined? 
Yes the charges depend on loan amount and other factors which are not Refundable.
15. I am a Businessman how will you assess my income?
From your financials and tax return.In case of any issue, Income may be assessed through Income estimation by the Income Estimation Agency who conducts this estimation through documentation and business activity to estimate a minimum income of your business.
16. I want to co-own a property with my cousin. Is it possible to avail for this purpose?
No, only blood relation and spouse would be allowed to apply as a co-borrower.
      17. Is Insurance is required?
Yes life & property insurance at your cost is required. However for life insurance you have the option.      
18. How to apply?
Our dedicated staff is available to help you completing your loan application form and other formalities.


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