Investment Banking, Syndications & Advisory Department

Investment Banking, Syndications & Advisory (IBSA) Department
Investment Banking, Syndications & Advisory Dept. offers a wide choice of products & services to its clients ranging from conventional instruments to specifically customized financial solutions. The prime objective of this department, besides, building and managing a quality credit portfolio, is generation of fee based revenues and to carry out selected, structured transactions to create a lucrative investment opportunity for other financial institutions and for own investment. We endeavor for smooth and timely completion of transactions in order to attain maximum client satisfaction.

The department believes in harnessing mutually beneficial long-term business relationships to tap the right opportunity as and when available. We utilize our extensive in-house resources and expertise to cater to a broad spectrum of clients, with an emphasis on providing tailor made innovative financial solutions.

Products and services offered include:
  • Syndications for
    • Debt  Financing (Short, Medium and Long Term)
    • TFCs / SUKUK Issues
    • Lease Financing
    • Commercial Papers (CP)
    • Infrastructure / Project Finance
    • Subordinated Debt
    • Schemes offered by SBP
    • Any other structured facility
  • Equity (Arrangement / Participation)
    • Initial Public Offerings (IPO)
    • Right Issues
    • Private Equity Placement
    • Preference Shares
  • Advisory / Fee Based Services
    • Issuance Guarantees
    • Underwriting (debt / equity securities)
    • Risk Participation for L/Cs and SBLCs
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Project Advisory
    • Financial / Capital Restructuring
    • Privatization

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